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Respected industry advisor Kendereski joins Luminous as Digital Director

We are delighted that Michal Kendereski has joined Luminous as our Digital Director.

Michal is a well-respected industry advisor and public speaker with a track record of delivering growth in the emerging tech and digital spheres, within both B2B and B2C environments.

He has extensive and well-rounded experience, having been the founder and Managing Director of the digital agency Republik Media and Director of Innovation at Volume, where he enjoyed responsibility for a complete immersive team and driving revenue growth in this emerging tech area.

Michal is a member of the Industry Capacity Board (ICB) for the European Commission ARETE project, which is addressing research and innovation action with interactive technologies, undertaken by University College Dublin (UCD).

Alan Hines, Luminous Managing Partner, says, 'Michal will be responsible for developing our fresh and distinctive digital offering. His rich skillset enables us to approach digital from a more holistic perspective, combining the best of B2C and B2B with new immersive technologies. All this will help our clients gain more from the power of digital and communicate with key influencers in a more powerful – and measurable – way.'


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