Spinning the company narrative: reporting on the web

Online reporting offers an opportunity to engage your audiences around your corporate story, and yet our research shows many companies are not taking full advantage of the digital opportunity – creating online reports that provide a relevant, accessible and tailored experience.

Our research shows that when looking at the FTSE 100:

  • just 48% provide an online annual report
  • only 18% clearly signpost the annual report on corporate home pages
  • Just 9% offer a standalone micro site for the online annual report
  • 8% utilise video content within the online annual report
  • 38% provide a one-page annual report summary
  • 10% offer full HTML translations of their annual report
  • 52% go no further than providing a PDF version of the annual report.

The Luminous view

Luna Raphael, Design Director, shares her thoughts on why the online report should be integral to your brand communication and how to ensure your online report works harder.

  • An online report generally includes top-level information rather than the onerous requirements of the complete annual report. Consider including information relevant to investors such as:
    • at a glance
    • Chairman’s report
    • Chief Executive’s review
    • business model
    • strategy
    • KPIs
    • a concise overview of sustainability targets and achievements
    • downloads by section/page.
  • The online report should offer a more dynamic experience than the hard copy. Make use of the medium and include video and animation to bring the content alive. Octapharma provides excellent use of video content to advance its brand narrative.
  • Many investors access annual reports on the go – ensure your online report is correctly optimised for mobile devices and gives the reader cause to keep scrolling. Poorly designed annual reports can be a significant source of investor frustration. Weir’s most recent report provides readers with a highly intuitive and user-friendly experience on mobile platforms.
  • Use the online report to emphasise various pieces of information when clicked. Cineworld’s online report allows readers to click on relevant parts of the business model to gain a deeper understanding.
  • Provide clear signposting from the corporate website to ensure readers are able to easily locate the relevant areas. Such a small, easy to implement change can do wonders for investor engagement levels.

If your business needs assistance creating an online report that fully communicates your brand story and allows investors to become better acquainted with your company narrative, please get in touch.


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