Mapping a way through the 'MiFID II maze'

MiFID II is having a fundamental effect on the way small and mid-cap companies access capital. Investment banks and brokers are separating the costs of research from trading activity, resulting in a reduction in the quality of the former.

This, combined with a buy side which, on average, covers 80 to 100 companies, is having a significant impact on smaller companies’ ability to access long-term capital and how they engage with investors.

For companies caught in the ‘MiFID II maze’, the solution seems clear: own your equity story; take control of your investor communications; and manage your relationship with the market.

In the autumn issue of IR Society's 'Informed' publication, Stephen Butler, Director of Stakeholder Engagement outlines his six 'building blocks' to achieving a compelling investor case.

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Stephen Butler

As Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Stephen leads a team which provides strategic, best practice and compliance advice to clients across narrative reporting, digital, investor events, sustainability and integrated reporting.

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