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Engagement has always mattered, but with upcoming changes, such as the new Corporate Governance Code and the Miscellaneous Reporting Regulations, it is finally moving from an operational to strategic imperative for listed UK companies and their Boards.

So, it was apt that the first event in the IABC UK’s ‘year of listening’ featured a panel discussion about ‘How to make work, work for you’.

I had a vested interest in attending – one panel member was Sheila Parry, who has recently published the fabulous book, Take Pride: How to Build Organisational Success Through Peopleof which I am a proud sponsor. The other members of the panel were Christina Fee, Group Head of Internal Communications at DS Smith; Howard Krais, IABC UK President; and Joss Mathieson, until recently Global Head of Internal Communications at GSK.

Listening, something that is fundamental to client work, thus finding out via listening to what a client might want even if they don’t articulate it, is something at Luminous we actively do every day. In conjunction with that, we’re listening to find out what the purpose of something is; ‘why’ is always the first question.

Sheila’s book focuses on five factors of pride in the workplace – I’m not going to tell you all of the five factors, you’ll have to read the book. What I will tell you is that purpose is one – not just because the articulation of a company’s purpose is in vogue. Purpose, relating to both the individual and the company, shine through in businesses with increased stakeholder engagement scores.

Christina had some great anecdotes regarding the impact that you can have as an individual when aligning to your company’s purpose. And Joss spoke interestingly about purpose from the top, with examples from GSK and how its employees live and breathe a purpose that has endured for years through strong behaviours, corporate DNA and business integrity.

Employees are a catalyst for a better world. If they can articulate your purpose and values and adapt their behaviours to fit within them, your organisation is likely to become more engaged and more productive – two factors investors are looking for. Employees build your reputation as much as brand value. They are a positive force rather than a risk – engagement leads to great energy and pride.

Energy within the workplace, harnessing what makes employees productive whether that be working practices, leads to great pride at being at work, productivity and a great reputation and thus keeps investors and stakeholders happy.

If employees have pride in what they do, they will continue to ride the wave and support.

If you would like to talk about how Luminous can help you engage better with your employees, please get in touch.




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