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Sam Harris and Laura Caughey tell us more about their role as Senior Designers at Luminous. Sam joined Luminous almost a year ago and Laura started as a junior designer three years ago, working her way up to a senior since then.

1. What attracted you to Luminous?

Sam: I started as a freelancer and was looking to work in a slightly larger agency again. After a few days it became clear how Luminous took a conceptual, ideas-based approach from the start, which informed the rest of the creative work. It was very refreshing to see.

Laura: I used to work with one of the Luminous account managers in my previous job and she really sold Luminous to me by telling me how lovely everyone was and that it was just a fun, creative and collaborative place to work. I was working in an agency that created a lot of on-screen graphics and digital at the time, and I was excited to get back into some lovely print design and branding.

2. Tell us more about your role

Sam: Day-to-day I come up with ideas across many different projects, covering print, branding and online. As well as designing, illustration and typography are an important part of the job. I’m learning Sketch at the moment as it’s a much smarter way of designing for web. I also attend client meetings and briefings where I get to present my work. Sometimes we go on field trips to get a better understanding of a company/client. There’s day-to-day support from the creative directors and there is a great focus on career development.

Laura: I work on a wide variety of projects from front-end digital design to print, branding and have even started to learn After Effects to branch into motion graphics. Most my day is spent coming up with ideas and exploring creative. I’m also client facing on all of my projects and regularly meet with clients to take creative briefs, present work and chat about design development.

3. How do you work with the wider team?

Sam: We’re very collaborative – in the design team we regularly share our work and ideas and are generally nosey about each other’s work. I work closely with the account managers to ensure the projects run as smoothly as possible.

Laura: I find that sharing what I’m working on really helps to develop ideas and find solutions that you wouldn’t usually think of yourself. The design team is structured into two sub-teams each headed up by a creative director, and we have project catch-ups regularly where we throw everything out there and chat ideas through. We also have really good relationships with the account management, strategy and production teams. As a designer I am involved in certain client touch points such as presenting creative, feedback calls, etc – you become the creative ‘face’ to a client and work closely with the account manager. Working with production, the designers stay close to the projects to spot any opportunities to push the design even further. We are all very ‘hands on’.

4. What’s been your favourite project so far and why?

Sam: Hollywood Bowl and U+I annual reports – the ability to be bold, push a few boundaries and have a bit of fun. I also enjoyed working on Google's Digital News Innovation Fund Report.

Laura: I really enjoy working on pitch work as you can be quite creative and push things a little bit more, but I think Britvic would be my favourite annual report project as it’s a lovely bright colourful brand and I can have fun with it – the client is also lovely. I’ve worked on it for two years now and it’s been great to be able to evolve it over that time. U+I's thought leadership publication MATTER has been another highlight.

5. What’s the best thing about Luminous life?

Sam: The culture. The mix of people means there’s a great atmosphere and a social aspect – with events happening regularly. There’s also the work/team ethic, and seeing the whole team pulling together on a project at the different stages is great.

Laura: Definitely the people. You spend a lot of time in work, you need to really gel with the people around you. Everyone in design has different skills too which is great; we complement each other pretty well. My own personal growth and progression has always been important to me, and I feel that working for Luminous has given me the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone and progress quickly to a senior designer position.

6. What would you say to someone thinking of joining the team?

Sam: We work above a pub! The people are great, the work is varied and challenging, but with that is a great sense of achievement.

Laura: Mine’s a tea with almond milk, one sugar. Cheers.


Find out more about the senior designer position at Luminous. Interested? Email your CV and portfolio to Mark Litchfield:


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