#illumination event: Company purpose in the FTSE – a glass only half full?

We are delighted to announce that due to popular demand we have relocated this event to a larger external venue: The Top Floor, Fora, 9 Dallington Street, Clerkenwell, EC1V 0LN - only two minutes from our studio (the original venue). Please find the event details and registration for the limited additional places left below.

The revised UK Corporate Governance Code lays responsibility for a company’s purpose firmly at the feet of its board, requiring that directors ‘establish the company’s purpose’ and ensure that it aligns with the company’s values, strategy and culture. 

However, a review of FTSE 100-member websites one year on from the Code’s publication reveals that over half (54) do not yet have a purpose and a quarter (24) have a ‘purpose’ that is actually a mission statement describing what the company does, not why it exists.

And worse is that 15 have a purpose that is all but meaningless!

Just two examples of such are: ‘To inspire a better future’ and ‘Celebrating life, every day, everywhere’.

The event, led by the Luminous team of Stephen Butler, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, James Whittingham, Senior Sustainability Consultant and Shelia Morrison, Director of Brand, will cover: 

  • Reporting changes – how companies will need to adapt their reporting from this year on
  • Purpose explained – what it is and, crucially, how it differs from mission and vision 
  • Purpose uncovered – how to actually unearth your company’s purpose. The team’s top tips on how to bring your company’s purpose to life and present it to best effect in your annual report and online 

Date: Thursday 17 October
Time: 8:30am–10:30am (Breakfast/networking from 8:30. Presentations from 9:00)
Venue: The Top Floor, Fora, 9 Dallington Street, Clerkenwell, EC1V 0LN

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